For the pleasure of his fans, Simon Phillips & Protocol are touring in Europe again this spring!
The first concert will be held on May 2nd in Wendelstein, Germany. From there on, the band will be playing all over Europe, finishing the Tour again in Germany in the begining of June.
Global Artist Services are involved once again as they are supplying the FOH engineer, who is also the Tour Manager as well as a backline tech. We will also be taking care of travel logistics and supplying backline.

Simon Phillips Tour 2016

Simon Phillips and the members of his band: Andy Timmons, Ernest Tibbs and Steve Weingart are artists well known to the European audience for a very long time. Even though the first Protocol album has been published almost 30 years ago, in 1988., the tracks are still just as popular wih the audience as the ones from the latest album, Protocol III, published last year.

On this tour, the band will be playing tracks from all 3 albums published by now, allowing their fans to enjoy the tunes they have been loving for decades and also the ones from the latest album which they are just begining to discover.

The final routing is yet to be confirmed, stay tuned to find out if Simon Phillips & Protocol will be performing anywhere near you!

Simon Phillips & Protocol on tour again!
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