Global Artist Services is proud to welcome a new band to our growing family – Darko Rundek and his band of 7 musicians. This Band is working together on a big project this year called Apocalypso Now. The project is actually a celebration of Darko’s 20 years solo career. He went on this path after the break up of his popular band Haustor which had many hits, especially during the 80’s. The origin of the Tour title „Apocalypso Now“ lays in one of Darko’s biggest hits as a solo performer – Apokalipso. Apokalipso was released at the very beginning of his solo career, 20 years ago. His band today consists of 4 experienced musicians, including Darko Rundek, who have been playing together on various projects for many years. But Darko has also introduced 4 young musicians to the Band who brought playfullness and young spirit to old hits.

Darko Rundek

The Apocalypso Now Tour will be starting very soon, on June 15th, with a big concert in Belgrade, Serbia. Darko’s music has been appreciated and loved by the Serbian audience for decades. The Tašmajdan stadium in Belgrade was chosen as the 1st venue of this 6 months long tour. The popular “Taš” will probably be too small to fit all of Darko’s fans wanting to see him perform live. Just a few days after the grand opening in Belgrade, Apocalypso Now Band will be performing in front of thousands of people in Zagreb, Darko’s home town, on one of the stages of the 12th edition of the famous InMusic Festival. After these 2 big concerts, a series of concerts in the countries of the region is planned. The exact Tour dates should be announced shortly.

As a part of this very important anniversary, Darko’s album Apokalipso was remastered and will be released on June 9th. This new version the album will be a part of a 3 CD Box Set. For the first time it will also be available on vinyl accompanied with another vinyl containing unpublished Haustor tracks in a 2 LP set.

Global Artist Services will be offering production management, backline technicians, FOH and monitor sound engineers for this tour. We are looking forward to touring in Croatia and the countries of the region after a while. Sometimes it just feels good to be home for a change.

Our new clients – Darko Rundek & Band
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