It is our pleasure to announce that yet another band has chosen Global Artist Services as a support company while touring in Europe! The Michael Landau Liquid Quartet is a new project by Michael Landau. Michael is a renowned session musician and composer, who has been collaborating with many musicians and bands over the years. Some session highlights during Michael Landau‘s long and successful career include Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, BB King, James Taylor, Ray Charles and Rod Stewart. In recent time, we have mentioned Michael many times when announcing Tours of The Steve Gadd Band. Landau has been a standard member of the SGB since it’s very beginnings. The Steve Gadd Band has been successfully collaborating with Global Artist Services on their last 3 Tours. We must say it was always a true pleasure to be on the road with these guys.

Michael Landau-Jessica Rain copy

Other members of the Michael Landau Liquid Quartet, alongside Michael Landau, are Andy Hess on bass and David Frazee on vocals and guitar. There will also be a few well known drummers joining this Band in the days that come. The drum chair will probably be a revolving one, depending on the schedule of each drummer. Andy Hess is a former memeber of Gov’t Mule and has worked with John Scofield and The Black Crows. David Frazee was the original singer in Michael’s band from the 90’s: Burning Water.

The Michael Landau Liquid Quartet is planning a 4 week long tour in Europe in February and March of 2018. The Tour dates should be announced soon on our website and Facebook Page. Global Artist Services will be supporting these amazing musicians by providing a Tour Manager – FOH Engineer, Backline Tech, Backline and transportation for the Tour.

Michael Landau Liquid Quartet – welcome!

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