Global Artist Services Crew recently completed a short, but intense, European Tour with our new client – the famous drummer Antonio Sanchez and Migration. The purpose of the Tour was the promotion of their new album called „Lines In the Sand“.
Members of the Migration Band who were sharing the stage alongside Antonio on this Tour were:
Thana Alexa (Vocals), John Escreet (Keyboard), Matt Brewer (Bass) and Chase Baird (Saxophone).

Antonio Sanchez and Migration

The Tour lasted for a week in mid January. 7 nights, 7 different cities across Europe. Antonio Sanchez and Migration performed in Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Spain.
For this Tour Global Artist Services provided:

  • Tour Management & Live Sound Mixing duties
  • Merchandise manufacturing & Sales at shows
  • Complete Artist / Crew Travel & Logistics

Antonio Sanchez European Tour dates

Album „Lines In the Sand“ is about the immigrant experience. Not about immigrants like Antonio, who arrived from Mexico City to the US legally to pursue his dreams, but about the immigrant who was less fortunate. The ones that were forced to flee home out of fear, persecution, war and famine. This is about the kind of immigrant who is constantly being demonized, ostracized and politicized by a powerful few in the name of a misguided nationalism. That is quickly eroding a fundamental quality in human beings: the capacity for feeling love for people that look different than we do and empathy for people that are less fortunate than we are. This album is about them and their journey.

Antonio Sanchez and Migration

We would like to give a special thanks to Yamaha drums for the support and Gabriel Laurens from Remo for supplying drumheads for this Tour.


Antonio Sanchez & Migration first tour with Global Artist Services

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